After a dormant period, malware and ransomware are back laying havoc to home and business users alike. Last week, Google removed more than a dozen malware-infected apps from its Google Play store. And variations of the CryptoLocker and CryptoWall viruses, which plagued the IT world in 2014 and 2015, have started appearing as well, in email attachments and through fake Adobe Flash and Java updates.

It is a fact these days that total network security ‘s hard to achieve. With the right tools, you and your employees can thrive without always worrying about the safety of your systems and data.
How can you protect your business from these perils of the online world?

Do not open any email or attachment from any sender you don’t recognize.
Most malware and ransomware viruses spread primarily through malicious PDFs, ZIP files, and other attachments that computer users unwittingly open. If you don’t know the sender and aren’t expecting a file, don’t click on it!

Enlist a professional IT provider to perform a security assessment on your systems.
The requirements for online security fluctuate from day to day, making the decision-making process about security complex for the typical business owners. Working with a trusted, reliable partner who delivers proven IT solutions that meet your needs and defend your systems can make a significant difference.

Put comprehensive security to work for you.
Denver Tech Solutions can deliver heightened levels of protection. We analyze Internet data traffic and blocking threats both on local networks and mobile devices. We also implement content filtering to help with your IT systems security. While these actions contribute to safeguarding your systems, there is still a chance for problems.

Critical backup and disaster recovery that keeps your data safe, no matter what.
In a worst-case malware or ransomware scenario, the only way to prevent data loss is if your information is backed up by a remote, regular, and redundant solution that creates comprehensive image-based off-site backups several times a day. These can be individual file/folder backups as well as the entire server. Remember, a local backup plugged into a computer will still be susceptible if malware or ransomware infects your system!

We are here to safeguard your data and put your mind at ease. Contact us today at 720.744.2412, toll-free at 888.510.0833, or via our contact form:

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