Most of the enterprises thrive on computer data because of its confidentiality and its ability to produce fast results. But do you know that there are over one million malicious codes ready to attack your computer system? In this blog post, we provide you simple practices that can increase your odds against computer threat.

computer virus

It’s all because of you– Yes, virus, malware, and spyware are ultimately the result of human faults, not software errors. Most of us are aware of the fact that one should not click on the strange email attachments or links in the mail, but do we follow the guidelines? Rarely; and this is the biggest reason why our computers keep getting infected.

Online Advertisement– Nowadays, surfing the internet has become a challenging task because most of the malware comes from legitimate sites due to poor password and software errors. For instance, maladvertisements or online ads are embedded with malicious code hidden inside them. Without even knowing, your computer gets infected.

Through Social Media– we all know social media has taken us by storm, but do you find out more than three-quarters of malware and computer virus spread through the social media.

Through Mobile malware– Cybercriminals have finally zeroed in on Android apps to activate the virus.

Is there any way to keep the malware away?
Various IT Consulting and IT support firms can help you in that. But the best way to protect you against such online threats is to keep your mobile phone and computer up to date. Plain and straightforward. The malware spreads by identifying loopholes in the existing computer security, and with each update, these holes are patched, so that the targeting attacks will reduce. Moreover, it also helps not to open strange email links or email from unfamiliar contacts. Fair enough, isn’t it?

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